Chiswick Park, London
12,000 sqft

Chiswick Park was an innovative project delivered alongside Thirdway. It was a CAT A+ scheme for a landlord client with the design heavily focused on creating a connected and collaborative workplace. Tribe were required to demonstrate what offices have the potential to be when two worlds meet, clean & contemporary against an eclectic ‘New York loft’ feel, which was undoubtedly the end product.

The Tribe team chose furnishings accordingly and meticulously picked items that would best complement the stunning yin and yang of this space. Modular furnishings were used to ensure that the space would be flexible, and to complement the distinctive interior colour scheme a neutral colour palette was used in addition to materials such as natural timbers to create a refined industrial, Scandinavian theme.

This project was an innovative one to have been involved with as it subsequently spearheaded the inception of CAT A+.