Blue Cube

Kew, London
5,000 sqft

Blue Cube, a corporate travel management company, needed a complete CAT A and CAT B fit-out for their new 5,700 sq ft future home. They sought a subtle yet exciting space that would gently nudge towards an East London scene.

Tribe were appointed alongside ThirdWay Interiors to help find a harmony between a bright and inspiring space which would still be contemporary and didn’t have an overpowering travel theme. The design incorporated parts of East London through exposed brickwork, raw concrete and an exposed mechanical ceiling, which was painted white. The surrounding light is accentuated through soft and light finishes and the layout was designed with staff in mind, to ensure that they would benefit the most from the natural and positivity-boosting elements.

Showroom tours were a fluid experience as Tribe worked with the client on a piece by piece selection. The team even influenced suppliers to explore new finishes and fabrics for use on certain pieces. Shutdown periods were a minor challenge with this project that the team worked hard to manage and work around by selecting items which were achievable within the projects’ specific time frame.

The strong colour palette was something that particularly stuck out with this project. To be in-keeping with Blue Cube’s branding, there were a lot of pastel colour’s but still primarily led by their main deep blue with frames being kept a clean white throughout. The soft and curved style of furniture chosen was something that also distinguished this project in addition to the client’s heavy involvement from start to finish, making the project and client, an absolute pleasure to work with for Tribe.