Elements Materials Technology

Covent Garden

With origins tracing way back to 1827, Element Materials Technology is a relatively new brand but with historic roots based in industrial testing dating back to the Victorian era. Their materials and product testing gave the world the Model T ford, put Concorde into the skies and even helped to keep Venice afloat. Pretty cool, huh?

With a lease coming to an end in their existing building in Victoria, they jumped across St. James Park and to the sought-after location of Covent Garden. With a brief made up of high-end, clubhouse and residential-feel tick boxes, this was going to become a space so good, you’d quite easily mistake it for luxury hotel settings.

The pandemic shifted an emphasis for Element wanting to bring people back to the workplace, to bring the team together as one and enable their culture to flourish. With stellar local amenities at the ready thanks to the new location, the last piece of the puzzle was a standout design to appeal to the team to work from the office. With flexibility and choice being key, you’ll spot less fixed desks in this space and more boutique-like soft furnishings giving off a members club mood.

To help achieve this we curated a resi contemporary style furniture scheme, with the aim to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We explored several different textures to implement variation through the space and blended contrasting furniture styles to create a more homely feel. To further enhance this, we sourced individual dressing items along with rugs, table lamps, ornaments & vases.

The finished article is a space that seamlessly blends the areas of work, collaboration and culture making a great reason for employees to return to the workspace.