Canary Wharf, London
11,000 sqft

Revolut is one of the current leaders in the FinTech market and has grown substantially since being founded in 2013. The company required a fresh new space that would go hand in hand with the new direction that the brand was moving towards and appointed both Tribe Furniture and Thirdway to help them achieve this.

The brief encompassed an Italian-chic style that boasts raw yet sophisticated elements and incorporating this into the furnishings to create an edgy and cool environment that would be functional at the same time.

The colour scheme primarily consists of black and white to further enhance the industrial aesthetics, whilst pops of colour, incorporated into furniture and fabrics, refine the design. Tribe worked closely alongside ThirdWay’s design team to emulate the materials used both in the build and existing space. Lot’s of raw metals and powder coated aluminium materials were used.

Including fun elements to the newly designed office, that would align with the new direction that the brand was moving towards, was a key part of the project. A number of bespoke neon signs were installed that were made to stand out, set in unique concrete blocks. A feature wall created from newspaper cuttings of global influential leaders and inspirational people and acts as a distinct backdrop to the ‘Never Settle’ neon sign in the breakout area.

Tribe closely collaborated with the client throughout the project to help them achieve the end product. A number of workshops were held to narrow down the selection process of the furnishing’s and Tribe worked with the client to come up with a scheme which would complement the building, Revolut’s culture and the way they wanted to work.

The use of fabric colour was really important and something that made this project stand out to the team. The unique and quirky pastel pink and purple furnishings soften the industrial and moody colour palette whilst adding some excitement to the overall scheme.