ThirdWay Trust Art Fair

In December 2018 ThirdWay and Tribe celebrated the launch of the ThirdWay Trust – a charity endeavor in partnership with Toilet Twinning, with their own affordable BOG STANDARD art fair, in association with ARTIQ.

The ThirdWay Group joined forces with aid organisation Toilet Twinning to launch the Trust, in a bid to help fund the construction of household toilets, and to provide clean water to communities across Africa, Asia and Central America.

Following World Toilet Day on 19th November, figures show that 1 in 3 people do not have access to a clean toilet, and 62.5% of people around the world don’t have access to safe sanitation.

Artists from all over the UK submitted artwork in line with the theme of water for the BOG STANDARD art fair. There were 16 limited edition prints as well as 5 original pieces, which featured a mix of watercolours, oil on canvas and mixed media.

Artwork was available to purchase for between £30 and £360. Just £60 pays for a ‘toilet twin’, which can change and potentially save the lives of up to six people by funding a project in a poor community and providing families with clean water and toilet facilities.

£2700 was raised as a result of the event which allowed the Trust to twin 45 toilets, in-turn, making a huge difference to families living in poor communities across the globe.