ThirdWay Trust Football

Following the success of ThirdWay Trust’s first charitable event last year, the Trust was inspired to continue to utilise the industry and the Groups position and held their first ever Football Fundraiser event, Trust Football. A few members of Tribe took part and played on behalf of the Trust.

14 teams participated in the event which resulted in an incredible £6000 being raised! The funds were donated to our two charity partners, Toilet Twinning and Sabre Education and are enough to construct a new kitchen facility, and provision of kindergarten furniture for a school in Ghana, as well as enabling the build of 100 clean, safe toilets to communities across the globe.

Tribe are excited about the recently formed partnership between Sabre Education and the ThirdWay Trust, as it now enables them to offer clients furniture “twinning” packages across all of their projects which will fund the furnishing of Kindergarten schools across Ghana. To find out more or to twin your projects’ furniture, contact a member of the team today.